Monday, February 22, 2010

Sugarpill Looks #3 and #4 this is the last of my Sugarpill looks, for now. This blog will resume is regularly scheduled randomness directly following this post.

I'm posting these two together because I was sitting on babies from 10am to nearly 2am! It's alright though, I love spending time with my pseudo nieces and nephews.

First off, Sunday's look. I took my Sugarpill to meet the rest of the family. I wanted to use Midori, but couldn't think of what to pair it with so I broke out a little bit of the 88 shimmer palette and a Heavenly Naturals pigment.


Notice my lazy-ass attempt at blush (Pinky by NYX) and lipgloss. (That's the same pink that I've been wearing BTW...sadly I used the last of it yesterday. *sigh*)


The light green is from the 88 Shimmer palette and the dark green in the outer corners is Sea Dragon from Heavenly Naturals.

Here is today's look. Lots of pink and purple. In my first post using the Sugarpill shadows, I paired the Poisoned Plum  with the Afterparty. You can see how different it looks depending on what it's next to. It's such a fabulous purple, it really is.


I should note that both of these looks used Tako (the white shadow) as a highlight.

I think this makes my eyes look very blue. You can kinda see how the olive color shrinks towards the pupil. 

Janky lookin' eyebrows...

Well kids, this concludes my Sugarpill worship for now. I still haven't used the red...which was the color I was most excited about. Most matte reds I've gotten have a sort of brick-ish cast to them. As you can see in my swatch pictures, this one doesn't suffer the same fate. It almost pulls like a berry color on my skin. If I get up early enough tomorrow I might have another look for you guys. I also want to try out the yellow and blue together like the girl on the package. I'm going to have two more...eventually.

Coming up, I have my Nfu-oh polish order to gush about. I also have a brand new package of Glittersniffer Cosmetics coming in the some other random nifties to share. But for now...

The end.


Lillian Funny Face said...

Such pretty looks! The second one is just gorgeous. I can't wait for my sugarpill to arrive :)

alycia said...

The entire look is beautiful! Your lashes in particular are amazing - may I ask what mascara you used?

Concertina said...

Thanks Alycia. I always use Rimmel Sexy Curves...the NON Waterproof kind.

alycia said...

Thank you so much! I'll give that a try :-)

Kristen said...

The purple/pink look is super gorgeous! I'd love to see a tutorial for it sometime :)

Concertina said...

Thanks Kristen. I've never done a tutorial before...but I've been considering one of the step by step picture variety. We shall see.