Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flaky Awesomeness Courtesy of Nfu-oh

Being a member of the MUA Nail Board is like being a junkie...with an awesome supply of temptation.

I submit for your approval...pretty pretty pictures (minus my favorite one because I went a little delete happy). Please don't mind Yorick, my cookie jar, he likes sparkly nail polish too.

After months of seeing these great manicures with awesome flaky glitter, I finally bought myself some of the Nfu-Oh polishes from FabulouStreet. I picked out (left to right) #52, #49 and the fabled #51. I was going to do swatches of them alone but I figured there are enough pictures around that you can look at. Instead, I tried to layer them over different colors than I had previously seen. The effect might be more subtle...but I already know that I will be getting more of these.

First up, #52 over an old Revlon Street Wear - Midnight. Midnight was my favorite rebel polish when I was a came out right around the time people were still shocked by blue nail polish. I've had the bottle ever since (we won't talk about how long) and it's still one of the best blues I've ever owned.

The #52 adds a slight sparkle to the otherwise frosty Midnight and if you look close you can see some of the green flaky.

Next, far as I can see the most coveted of all the Nfu-oh polishes.


This is over e.l.f.'s Royal Purple...that polish is a dollar on their site and is probably the best purple I own. I use it all the time because it flatters my skin tone so well. The #51 adds a blue cast to it that just makes it pop.

Alas, the star of my Three Polish Show #49, I somehow managed to delete pictures of. I layered it over Lubu Heels and oh man was it gorgeous. I literally did not stop staring at it for the week that it was on. The flakes shifted from green and turquoise all the way to gold, red and orange without missing a stop in between. The red glitter in the Lubu Heels added a subtle extra layer that was just so gorgeous. 

A note on the site...FabulouStreet was well, fabulous. The woman I spoke to was super nice and helpful. I also got my order very quickly. The only problem I had was sifting through the different polishes. I wish there were swatches shown with the bottles (they are there, just in a different part of the site) but really that boils down to my indecisiveness. There were so many choices...and since I was only getting three, I had to do a bit of legwork. All in all, that's not really a complaint so...

The end.


Elvira said...

LOVE those shades. I gut picked up a couple myself. They look awesome on you!

Concertina said...

Thanks! I shall have to use them sparingly...for once they are on my nails...I'm lost to the world. Too much shiny to stare at.

Gothcupcake said...

I'm always looking for new nail polishes! I'm recently trying to hunt down Hard Candy's "Frenzy" nail color, but I too am always dazzled by sparklies :D I need to make your blog my home page so I can be beauty schooled ;P

Concertina said...

Psssst Mary!! I bought it the other night!!!