Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've been waiting for this for a VERY long time. Amy of Shrinkle fame has finally launched her very own cosmetic company. I have purchased some of my Kryolan cosmetics from her eBay shop and she's just so nice. I really don't have words for how freakin' rad the makeup is, so I will just bombard you with pictures.

I purchased two of the three palettes, which contain all of the pressed shadows except for the black.


The palette on the left is called Burning Heart and the shadow names are: 
Orange - Flamepoint
Yellow - Buttercupcake (nom!)
Red - Love+
Purple - Poison Plum

Here are the primer, just a Q-tip.

The palette on the left is called Sweetheart and the color names are:

Pink - Dollipop
Blue - Afterparty (drool)
Green - Midori
White - Tako

Le Swatch:


Yeah, I just dipped my fingers right in to this one, I couldn't wait. That blue...first of all matches my Rave...but is die for. 
Another note...these shadows are HUGE. I was just watching Petrilude's review and he says they are the same size as Makeup Forever shadows. I wouldn't know because I'm too poor for those, but here is a little photo so you can see. It's "this big".

I simply love the packaging. That alone would have made me buy it...I'm such a sucker for a pretty box. I know I'm just a tiny blog right now but I wanted to share with you guys how awesome this stuff is. I will definitely be ordering more, some of the loose pigments are just too awesome to pass up. There will be copious amounts of looks with these. I don't think I will be able to use anything else for a bit. And there will be pictures, oh will there be pictures. As I said before, words just don't do this stuff justice.

So go check it out. There's a link at the top of the blog, but in case you missed it you can click >here<.

The end.


Redd said...

OMG! Those colours are fab!
I'm going to go check them out post haste!

Pixie said...

I cannot wait to recieve mine. I ordered the Burning Heart palette too :)

Gothcupcake said...

Wow those are big for a palette! I had been considering a palette since one of them has most of the colors I want all in one, but I was unsure of how much you actually received in a palette...that looks totally worth it! Packaging and all!

mindfulmama said...

I ordered both of the same palettes you did. I also ordered the black and Tiara, Goldilux, & Lumi in the loose. I cant wait!

Concertina said...

I just ordered the black plus some loose shadows myself. I decided, after much deliberation, that I didn't have a really great black pressed shadow. I have the Kryolan one...but it's kinda sucky. I guess that I just lived with it because the rest of their products are just super fab...