Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why is beauty still in question?

Good morning everyone! I have a bit of a question for you all today. Sure this question is overdone...but I read an interesting blog post by Paul Overton at EveryDayIsAwesome (click the link and read it...go ahead, I'll wait...ok, you're back? Good...let's continue...).

Now I am sure that part of my curiosity about the subject comes from a girl who's gone to being extremely heavy (my highest was around 320lbs) to being, at least what I consider thin...around 170. I definitely feel better than I ever have in my life. That's the important part, but looking at her photo...and reading that girl's label of "plus size" (she is definitely smaller than I am) me thinking. At what point does a female get out from under that umbrella? When your ribs are visible? When you can accidentally bump your spleen against someone?

The other thing I found interesting about that post were the statistics! 100% of the people that thought she was "fat" were women! How the hell does that make you feel girls?? What does that say about you?? Now, I love a fashion magazine as much as I like my food so I'm not going to blame them for giving people a bad self image. I've been reading them since I was little...but I never hated how I looked. How you feel about yourself is something that you need to own and not blame everyone else.

So here comes the question portion. Honestly...and I mean super honest with do you feel about that woman in the picture? Do you think she's beautiful? Does it bother you to look at her stomach pouch? Post some comments...I would like to hear what you think.