Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nail Art Super Order!

I bought myself a present. I went to Bundle Monster and got the 25 piece stamping plates. A couple of them are going to be dupes for what I already have but a lot of it is new! It seems that I am on a nail stamping kick again. I get addicted to this stuff...but hey! You get to benefit. I promise I won't show you all the real janky manicures I the one I have on right's just awful.

I also went to Head2Toe and ordered some new polishes that I can use for stamping...and a couple that were just awesome. I know I've talked about this site before...but for any newbies, this is where I get all of my nail polish. They ship fast and everything is pretty cheap. $3 for China Glaze, Misa and Color favorite brands of polish. Orly is just $6. The Essie polishes are still $8 but there is really nothing they can do about's expensive polish.

I will post an update when I get my packages. It's the first time I've ordered something to be sent to the new address so we'll see how it goes.