Friday, March 18, 2011

Inglot Matte Swatches and a Note On Ordering Online

These swatches were requested by my friend Brooke. So, darling, I hope you enjoy.

The shadows here are from left to right as follows:


If you don't know anything about Inglot...defintely go check out their site. These shadows are velvety and soft, which isn't always the case with matte colors. A few posts back, I announced that they now have an online store set up for the US, and tonight I decided to order another Freedom System palette. Basically, you choose what size palette you want and then pick out the shadows you want in it. I decided it was go big or go home and got the new 20 pan. Everything, with tax and shipping, came out to $115. That's not even 6 bucks per shadow...and these things are HUGE. Personally, I like the formulation better than most other brands, including M.A.C.

As for the ordering was a bit of a pain in the butt. The colors aren't always true to their swatches, so I found myself doing a lot of research to decide which ones I wanted to pick. Plus...the palette that I had wasn't I had to pry each shadow out so I didn't order any duplicates. (Although, thanks to silver Sharpies...I now have a perfectly labeled palette.) But hey...I'm willing to suffer for the sweet sweet shadow that is Inglot.

When I get the other palette in, I'll swatch everything for you guys.

The end.


KeLLsTaR said...

Excellent swatches! I love love love love the Inglot matte eyeshadows & have one more to collect (382M Red). You're so right that they are velvety soft & no hint of chalkiness.

I have a list of colour numbers in my phone to try & ward off duplicates (doesn't always work).

PS: You can sometimes* use the lid of the palette to take the pans out. Hold the magnet on the edge of the pan (careful to not poke the corner of the lid into the shadow) it should lift out & stick to the magnet easily & quickly. It can take a little practice but it's easier than prying them out. Just be careful you don't drop it.

*one of my palettes lets me do this, the other one doesn't work. No idea why.

Pili said...

I can't wait to see all the colours you ordered!

Krissi said...


Concertina said...

@Pili...neither can I love, neither can I. hehe

@Kellstar...that's a good idea...I "kind of" cracked one of th shadows doing it my I'm going to try yours next time!

KeLLsTaR said...

Concertina, I did the exact same thing - put a hairline crack in one of my shadows. It was superficial though & I've already brushed it away by using the eyeshadow along the crack. Yours will probably be the same. Let me know how you get along with the lid technique. Happy Ingloting! :D