Thursday, March 31, 2011

Inglot #60

I am not generally one to pay attention to trends in anything. Well, there was that small exception of the Hammer Pants I owned in junior high...but we don't really talk about that phase.

However, ugly clothing trends aside, I am adoring this bright, one color eyeshadow look that's been going around. I posted earlier some pictures of a lime green look I did. I basically wear this, in varying colors, all the time. In these pictures, it is using Inglot of the new shadows I got when I made my web order.

I must also note that it was my intention to have pictures of my palette and various swatches for you all. I wish there were more swatch pictures available because when you order from Inglot, there are no product descriptions, just numbers. I had a teeny accident the day I put it all together and some of the shadows are sad and scarred, but if this is something you would all still like to see, leave me a comment below and I will get right on it.

On to the goodies:

The highlight here is Inglot #351, a matte off-white; but that's it. Just those two colors and a bunch of winged out eyeliner...this look is super easy. I'm itching to do this in a nice blue color...but I'm having trouble finding THE perfect one. It needs to be a robin's egg/Vespa/Tiffany blue color. I may just have to mix it.

Here's the rest of the face...nothing special. I used e.l.f.'s Studio Line blush in Tickled Pink and some chapstick. I don't know if I've ever mentioned my favorite chapstick or not, but this one is the Sour Strawberry Edition of the Nom Nom Balm.  They are all fabulous, but the sour fruit ones are my favorite.

One quick thing before I end my blathering...I'm considering doing videos on Youtube. Now, I say "considering" because I've been thinking it over for about a month. My setup will be wonky at first (right now I just have a small point and shoot camera but I'm looking into getting a MacBook). Also, I would like to gauge interest in it before I start it up. So...what I need from you lovlies, is comments. Let me know what you think...if there is anything particular you'd like to see or even if you think that it's a bad idea. (It's ok, I can take it hehe.)

The end!