Friday, March 4, 2011

Random FOTD's

First off...Hello to the new subscribers!!! There have been a few in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to say welcome...enjoy the makup, crochet, and randomosity that my blog contains...and pardon my French.

Second...I know. I've been a bit lazy. I was doing SO WELL posting fairly regularly, but life is so in my way right now. My one dream is to not to have to work so I can create things all the time and fotz around on the internet. I promise I would be really good and use some of that spare time to go to the gym every day. Maybe twice! I really think Marilyn Monroe had it right when she decided that she was only attracted to rich men. = / If only I looked like her! (Dear Women's Libbers that are probably not reading this, Yes, I firmly believe in setting us as women back 50 years. Hate me. Love, Me.)

Anyhow, onto the FOTD's. These are just a couple I collected. I really do take pictures every day...often times they are sitting on my camera for ages so I have no idea when they are from.

Purple Haze:

This is one of those "forever ago" I'm guessing what I used. It's more than likely correct.
Lids: Wet n Wild Brule
Crease: Sugarpill Poisoned Plum
             Sugarpill Bulletproof

This was a really simple look...super easy to do. I put the Brule all over the eye; that makes the purple super easy to blend. Then I used a small crease brush (probably the e.l.f. Studio one) to put in the purple, and the black just to darken up the crease. Here's the rest of the face, although I don't think I did anything special there.

This looks like some e.l.f. Peachy Keen blush and probably Carmex. I have been wearing a fair bit more lipstick lately, so I promise my lips will get more interesting.

This next look was inspired by a new Youtube subscription...SharonMakeupArtist. She did a video using neon and acid colors as a trend for spring, and as I was feeling particularly spring-ey yesterday (either that or I'm just so sick of this winter), I went out like this:

On the face I have NYX Pinky blush and on the lips it's a mix of Sephora's nasty tasting lipgloss in something Princess and Mary Kay's shimmery lip thingey in some flower name. I'm only being vague because I was sad I didn't have a nice bright pink...if only I had bought that Lady Gaga Viva Glam...(it's ok, I have the new VG on the way). You can ALMOST see my new rose plugs from the lovely Glamasaurus! Check out her shop...I will try to get better pictures of them in the future.

On the eyes:
Acid Green from the 88 matte palette - This color is most decidedly a dupe for MAC's Bitter. If I ever order the larget Hot Pots from Coastal Scents...I'm definitely getting one of this color. It's awesome.
I have Zombify's Wasabi in the center of the's hard to see because my eye was all hooded but it's a great bright green and I wanted a touch of shimmer. On second reflection, I should have gone with Zombify's would have looked much better.
Highlight is Wet n Wild's Brulee. As usual.

So there it is. I would love to hear comments and suggestions as always! Let me know what you want to see! If you have a picture or a video you'd like me to recreate...feel free to pass it along!


Deb (On Cupcake Moon) said...

your makeup looks so effortless and so perfect!! i love looking at your photos for ideas. =)

Concertina said...

Aww thanks Deb!

Tiffany said...

love these looks!

Concertina said...