Thursday, February 3, 2011

Doodles Featuring Zombify Cosmetics

This is a line of makeup that is special. The girl who makes it is one of my bestest interweb buddies (and not just because she named one of her shadows after me). She works her butt off to make the best cosmetics she can and doesn't sacrifice her morals (she's Vegan) in the process. I will be doing longer and more involved posts about the different things I have that she's made...but for now, a doodle.

If you like what you see...and I know you will, you can get these pigments and tons of other awesome ones at

The colors I used are thus:

Lid: Cadaver Cabaret (hands down my favorite)
Crease: Sonic blended out with Jareth
Inner Corner: Pumpkin Guts (more about this awesome color later) and Pikachu

This picture is from this morning. I am wearing Pumpkin Guts on my cheeks. In the jar the color is a flat, bright tangerine color...but when you use has the most beautiful undertones. I can't even describe it...and this picture does it no justice. I've said that Cadaver Cabaret is my favorite...but this is a close, if not tied, second.

Please, please, please check Ms. Zoe Zombie out. She does great work, kids! And keep on the lookout for more posts about this awesome handmade makeup line. (Psssst!!! The name up there is a link to her facebook!)

The End.


Pili said...

I love Marycakes and her make up, and I wish I had you make up skills!!

Deb (On Cupcake Moon) said...

your makeup always looks amazing!

Sheikasaurus Rex said...

You have the prettiest eyes! :D

Concertina said...

Thank you ladies. You always say such nice things.

Pili...I'm going to teach you one day! It's easy!