Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Acronyms-a-Go-Go and a Love Letter

I'm amused by all the beauty acronyms that are I have prepared three for you today. Today's looks come in the form of one of my Love Letters...this time to the Youtube makeup guru Sokolum79. As always, the link is in her name. Go check her out and subscribe to her Youtube channel. She creates some of the most colorful looks and I always learn something from her videos.

Learn something...steal something...whatever. I prefer to call it homage. Anyhow, my eyeshadow and nails were inspired by here newest tutorial, Pearlized Turquoise.

First up: NOTD

This isn't exactly like what she's wearing in her video...just similar. I used Sinful Colors, as you can plainly see. The base is #322, Let Me Go and the topcoat is #115, Pearl Harbor (a favorite). You can't see the turquoise glitter from the Pearl Harbor but the picture picks up the subtler effect; it looks like I sprinkled sugar on my nails. I love it...I want to lick them. It's frowned on in public FYI.

And the FOTD:

I had a tired. But here's what I used.

Wolfe Bro's metallic water activated color for a base.
Sugarpill's Poisoned Plum in the crease.
Makeup Forever Diamond Shadow #302 on the lid.
Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette: Blue Had Me At Hello...the dark blues mixed a bit also for the crease.
Cheeks: e.l.f. Studio Line blush in Peachy Keen (I looooove this blush! But more about that later.)
Lips: e.l.f. Minty Lip Gloss in Nashville
Plus my normal foundation/powder/eyeliner/mascara concoctions. You can find those listed in older posts.

Here's a close up of the EOTD (like how I worked that in there??):

So thus ends my Love Letter to Sokolum79! Please...go watch her videos and let me know what you think! I would love to hear what some of your favorite looks are.


FabulouslyFierce said...

Your makeup is always gorgeous, I bow to you! How the hell do you get the pics to turn out so good!? Whenever I try, it looks like ass :(

Pili said...

I'm completely lost on the acronyms, but I love the look and the nails! ;)

Concertina said...

Kylie...I put my camera on the macro setting...the little flower thingey...but I always think my pictures suuuuuck. So thanks for the compliment!

I swear...when we all get together this year...I'm bringing makeup. And we are gonna play!