Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ToxiKaNdY's Midnight Sunset

So, in my WELCOME BACK ME post from this morning...I said I was going to use ToxiKaNdY's Midnight Sunset look today. Here's the link to the >video<, in case you didn't get a chance to see it earlier. Subscribe to her! She's super talented...and way cute. She doesn't do videos too much anymore...but there's a ton of them that she's already posted.

Here's my version:

Here's what I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Wolfe Bro's white water activated color
Black: I think it's a Jesse's looks just like the Cinderfella with the silver sparkles but it's no where near as nice. It was basically a "light black" know...grey. Whatever.
Middle: I used the same Trucco palette that she uses...which was a little difficult for me to find. Coastal Scents sells those duochrome colors by the GIANT JAR for like $4 each.
Light Pink: I used the top left color in the Wet n Wild Lust palette. It's pretty much a dupe for the Yogurt that she near as I can tell.
Dark Pink: Sugarpill's Dollipop. Best. Pink. Ever.
Purple: This is also from the Lust palette. This is a confirmed dupe of Beautymarked.
Eyeliner: The same Jordanna pen eyeliner I always use with the Black grease paint stick in my waterline (though it's mostly worn out in that usually lasts longer than any other pencil I've used).
Mascara: Rimmell Sexy Curves (of course) with a topping of Maybelline's Falsies for good measure.
Revlon's PhotoReady foundation in Shell
Powder: A mix of Coty Powder in Translucent and Mehron's Setting Powder.
e.l.f.'s blush and bronzer duo: the bronzer topped with their liquid face highlighter in some pink color.
Lips: What else...Carmex.

Here's the full face view:

As always, I look so pleased with life. Pardon my giant pimple. They just love to come out when I want to take pictures.

And the gratuitous artsy shot.

Let me know what you think! As always, if there's anything you'd like to see me do, leave me a comment!

The End!


FabulouslyFierce said...

You so pretty!

Pili said...

You're gorgeous and you have mad talent on the make ups!!

Sinburned said...

Do my makeup, please. =)

Concertina said...

Thank you Kylie and Pili!!

Lynn...we didn't have enough time together last time or I would have done everyone's makeup for DAYS! <333 This year!!!

Toxi said...

It looks great!!! Thanks so much for doing I look I created, makes me happy to know I've inspired at least someone :D!

Concertina said...

Aww your looks inspire me all the time! I can't wait for your new videos!!