Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Zappos,

I love you.

Love, Me

I told them as much in a reply to a random shipping email they sent. What? The address didn't say DO NOT I professed my adoration! Hopefully someone got a chuckle.

So I ordered >THESE PUMAS< yesterday. Effing sweet, amirite? I have a real problem with sneakers, I just love them...and the wackier the better. But these shoes are PURPLE AND TURQUOISE!!! Two great tastes that taste great together!!!

There is one tiny problem.
They are just a scoche too narrow.

Now I knew that Pumas were narrow...but I thought that with the weight that I've lost (95lbs so far)...they might not be too bad. To be honest...they aren't. They are extremely comfortable...but I can SEE that they are too narrow. My foot bones at the widest kind of...hang over a bit.

So here is my dilemma:
Do I ship them back and wave goodbye to what is probably the COOLEST pair of sneakers I own, get my money back and do the responsible thing... I keep them, deal with a tiny bit of overhang because nobody is going to even see it, and hope that with the around 70lbs I have left to foot will go a bit narrower?


The end.


Redd said...

I would hold onto them until you've reached your goal weight. What's the harm in holding onto them for a little while?

Concertina said...

That's what I thought...seeing as I've already paid for them.

I just don't want to miss the return window...especially since I'm not really sure my feet will get more narrow.

queen of radness said...

I absolutely love Pumas, but I've got wide, flat feet, so my current pair has extra room in the toe... they're the classic style ones, white with the stripe in a turquoise-to-black gradient, so they were too awesome not to buy (& on clearance for I think $40). I don't remember them always being so narrow, though. But the last time I owned a pair was about ten years ago.