Thursday, January 27, 2011


Doodles are what I do when I'm in the bathroom surrounded by my makeup with only minutes left before I slather myself with Noxema and take it all off. It's random...I pick something and play with it. It's usually over top of whatever makeup I had been wearing for the day. I have a few of these on my camera...I try to take pictures whenever I do it. They don't really warrent a full blog post...but I'll turn them into little quickies.

Here's one from tonight:

This was something I came up with because I wanted to try a trick that one of my favorite Youtuber's, Emily Noel, mentioned: using the e.l.f. bronzer as eyeshadow.

Here's what I used:

Primer: Urban Decay's Eden...I use it every day when I don't want to do my eyeshadow...I just slap some eyeliner on and call it a day. (You can see the remnants of my eyeliner wings in this picture.)
Brown: e.l.f.'s Blush and Bronzer duo...the bronzer. I placed that in the crease area and blended it in with the black. I also swiped it under the eye after I lined my waterline.
Base: Believe it or not...that's Hot Topic's gel liner...I had this on for a while, and it didn't crease at all.
Black: Sugarpill's Bulletproof. There is no other black.
Gold: The bottom color in the Wet n Wild trio, "I'm Getting Sunburned". I put that just in the corners and a little under the eye to brighten it up.
Mascara: Same old cocktail as always.
Eyeliner: As I said, I had the wings on...and then I just put some black liner in the waterline.
Brow Highlight: Face powder. It's great for taming things when you've gone a little too far. As I usually do *giggle*.

Well I hoped you all enjoyed that little doodle! I'll have more...and don't judge me on my eyebrows!!

The End!


Pili said...

Wow, awesome doodling! My make up doesn't look that good even when I'm trying!