Friday, March 5, 2010

Goldie Swatches Part 1 of 2

Hello kids. I have two blog posts prepared, which is quite unusual for me. I usually want to post something...and have nothing prepared. But whatever, more for you!

This here is a Goldie swatch picture extravaganza. Occasionally, after our sojourns to the gym, my BFF and I go to Marshall's to kill time and spend money.When I heard they sometimes had nail polish, these trips became more frequent.


Lo and behold, I found Goldie. I believe they were sold by Bath & Body Works, but feel free to correct me on this. The polishes came in this super cute box, 8 each. I bought this pack for myself and the other for my sister's birthday. None of them have proper names so I've been calling them odd things; don't mind when my mind goes all loopy. Here is the first half of my swatches. 

Puke Pink. This one was very quick and extremely dirty. I hate these kinds of colors. It's too...normal...for me. I only put this on because I wanted to swatch all of them; see what I go through in the name of blogging?? I did notice, however, that this color has a very fine micro shimmer/glitter to it. It was kinda pretty, but I shall probably relegate this to the charity bin or only use it under excessive Konading.

Like Magma. Another quick and dirty, although I did wear this one for a few days. I love this kind of in-your-face color. Bright and nasty, that's the way to go. This polish was astonishingly close to China Glaze's Japanese Koi, but without the matte-ish finish that comes with that polish's neon-ness.

HOLY CRAP! Yeah. I called this polish Holy Crap. You wanna know why? Because I was very surprised to find a holographic (the awesomeness of which you probably can not even see in this picture) in a $7 pack of no-name nail polish. A GOOD holo too. All crappily taken photos aside, I will definitely use this polish again, and again, and again. It's fabulous. This was three coats.

And now, here is my favorite out of this side of the pack.

Pepto Pink.  This color is so not me. I would never pick this off the shelf. Having worn this, and loved it as I did, still will probably never pick out a color such as this one. But man, did it look nice. I was even more surprised by how much I liked it on me than I was about that gold holo up there. I will most definitely wear this again. It's just super pretty.

Hope you enjoyed.
The end.