Friday, February 26, 2010

Hot Topic makes good eyeshadow????

So I was at the Topic that is Hot the other day because I needed new tapers and I didn't want to wait for my online order to stretch my ears...I get impatient like that. I have that little club card that belies my inner emo (even though I hide it behind my Trade Secret card) and apparently they give you monies for your birthday. Not free monies mind you, you have to spend a certain amount. Long story short...since I had to throw on a few items to get my birthday monies, I decided to give these a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

Hot Topic Baked Eyeshadow: I picked up three.


Copper (I never wear these colors but for some reason I can't resist buying them...)

And Teal.

They were only each $ is all their other single pot eyeshadow I think. I have not been impressed before. They are super hard packed and they just have no real pigment to them. If you do manage to get something to show up, they don't stay on. And I'm the queen of getting my eyeshadow to stay on; I think my record is like 18 hours with no creasing...but I digress.

Here are the swatches:

The bottom bit is the color on it's own. The top bit is over Kryolan's Eye Shadow Base (which sucks if you have oily lids PS) and HOLY HELL!!! Look at how gorgeous they are!! Particularly note how metallic that Copper is! And the gold flecks in the Teal! My lord. (Please don't note my hairy Italian arms.) They are amazing. I haven't given them a proper use yet, but I will.


Lillian Funny Face said...

The teal is gorgeous! Well done Hot topic!

KittenMittens said...

Awesome! That teal looks amazing! I wish we had Hot Topics here in Canadaland. The only cheapish makeup I can find not in a drugstore is Icing and Claires and I've only found 1 thing usefull still.

Concertina said...

Kitten...I've used a bit of the Icing/Claire's stuff (it's the same company I think...). You just really have to load up on primers and bases to get their shadow to work well. They have tons of cheap ass palettes with crazy bright colors though. You should check them out!

If you guys are interested, I can go grab a few and do a review and some looks with them.

KittenMittens said...

I've grabbed some a few years ago but felt ripped off when the pretty shinyness on them rubbed off first swipe so I've been wary of them since lol