Sunday, February 28, 2010


Meet my jellyfish.

I am aware that I have an almost disturbing love for tentacled things (ok...not THAT kind of love...sickos). I have been making these little guys for a couple of years now. They were the first amigurumi pattern I developed on my own, simple and cute, and yet I am amazed at all the different ways I have been able to make them. Most of my ideas come from my customers...I have a standing listing for a large custom jelly in my Etsy shop and in the CraftAnon Charity Shop. Their trademark little heart was one such idea. Here are some pictures I have collected of my jellyfish army. Some have found homes, others are waiting for theirs!

I've been calling this guy The Dreaded Black Tentacle. I even named one of my other jellies his nemesis. This guy was sold through the CraftAnon Charity Shop.

And here is Red Jelly The Horrible...said nemesis. Look at his horrible little face!!! LOOK AT IT!!!
He has been shipped off to be part of a giveaway over at Life Happens During Naptime.

Next up was another charity jellyfish. He went in a giant giveaway my friend Cass did to help out with the brush fires in Australia.

I've featured this dude before. He's my "random make people smile" jelly. He's just so colorful it's spastic. Look at him long enough and you might just have a seizure...that's for sure to make you forget about anything that's wrong with you. Well, except the seizure.

These next two guys are the newest addition to The Army.

I love this yarn. It's so disgustingly hot pink that I just want to puke happiness. This little guy will be given away for Free Shit Tuesday on my friend Karla's blog. I will have links for you as soon as I can find them, so if you want him...check back!

Last but not least, is Brainnnnsssss. My zombie. I've had him in my head for ages...and I finally got five minutes to put him together (not that it takes five minutes to make these guys...more like a few hours). He's for sale in The Concertina Shop so if you want to hug him, you can! I just won't be held responsible for the loss or digestion of any brains belonging to my customers.

So let me know what you think. Feel free to send me new jellyfish ideas! If I use yours, I might get generous and send you your very own!

The end!