Saturday, February 13, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Review and Random Ramblings

Because really...would it be a blog post by yours truly if it did not contain copious amounts of prattle?? I submit that it would not.

I have a TON of things to post. I've been collecting. Mostly nail polish pictures, but I also have some super awesome makeup to review with more on the way.

I want to talk about my new e-tailer crush: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Please click around and take in all the awesomeness contained within that link. They do perfumed oils...based on Lovecraft...LOVECRAFT! I don't give a crap if it smelled like the underside of Dagon's soggy booty, I'd buy it. Let me also mention that they do scents based on Hellboy. If you knew me for real real, and not just for play play on this interweb would know that my very small apartment has a very large framed Hellboy print dominating one wall. There are scent collections based on Alice in Wonderland and Neil Gaiman and The Seven Deadly Sins...their creativity is incredible. But I didn't go in for the scents...

Oh no. I went in for the nail polish. I looooooooooooove their nail polish. If you click on the link in their sidebar entitled Trading Post it brings you to the section of the site where they sell the awesomeness that is Claw Polish. Oh yes, beauty for your talons. There are 16 shades with great names such as Bordello and Embalming Fluid. As I was just trying them out, I picked out two and being that I am in this brown phase lately my choices were Robotic Scarab (a deep caramel bronze) and Destroying Angel (a very dark chocolate brown).

On to the pictures.

Destroying Angel:


Excuse the frazzle and apparent blurriness of the picture...
And Robotic Scarab:

You can see the shiny goodness in the bottle there. 
They apply beautifully. Destroying Angel in just two coats...Robotic Scarab three, but only because I wanted to deepen the color. I could have gone with just the requisite two. The brush was a bit tiny, but seriously forgivable.

A couple of notes on the order...

I wish I had gotten some sort of shipping acknowledgement, because it took quite a while before I heard anything after I placed the order. Perhaps I am just anal that way...but when I order online, I like to know that the other party received my monies, and will be exchanging it for goodies. 
That being said, when I did get my box it was LOADED...I mean loaded with perfume samples. Like 7. That's a lot. They must know what a hooker I am for free shit.
Most notable of the ones I was sent were Hollywood Babylon and Hymn. Hollywood Babylon is super sweet smelling. I am terrible at picking out the things I smell in perfume...but it reminds me of sugary treats. I will definitely be trying some of these in the future. 

Since it's almost 2am...and I will be wrecked as it is for work in the morning (curse you Starcraft...curse you)...I should probably wrap this shin-dig up. So goodbye folks. And hello to my new subscribers. Yes, I like to do things a bit ass-backwards. 

The end.