Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Konad and the LIGHTNING!

Yeah...I didn't come up with the correlation between my favorite nail polish doohickey and Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! There is a blog out there called "Konad and Strife" which I thought was frigging hilarious and had to follow immediately. Sadly, the last post was in August of last year but there are still great entries to go through!

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my latest Konad creation. I got the two plates I was looking forward to and immediately needed to use them. The color combination was an idea from one of the Nail Boarders...although I don't remember which. When I posted this up there, I showed much love and adoration for their awesome idea.

I used:
Misa - I Will Survive
Color Club - Wild and Willing
Konad - Black Special Polish
Konad - Image Plate M64

As usual...excuse the mess. Even though I don't usually bother cleaning it up before I take my pictures, I doubly didn't want to with this...because I am a klutz. And I would have messed it up. And then I would have been pissed.

Not a lot of things in life make me angry. Fucked up nail polish is one of them.

The End.


susies1955 said...

Very nice.

Concertina said...

Thanks so much Susie! I totally recognize your skull manicure from the boards!!! I totally need to get that plate now...

Citizen Agent said...

Acetone C said:

You may already know of this blog, but just passing it along just in case.

Concertina said...

I do know of it. I follow way too many nail dedicated blogs for it to be healthy. O.o Thanks!