Friday, January 15, 2010

I've got the biggest Konads around...true story.

Forth day straight at the gym. My body should be comatose right now but I figured that since I had about a half hour before work claims my soul for the day...I'd post some of the Konadding I've been doing. Pardon if my brain seems a bit addled (like you aren't used to it). We've already gone over how much I love the name. Deep down, while I'm just about licking 30...I still act like I'm 12.

I only have two plates right now. M51 and M57. I have two more on the way from WowSoCool. I've ordered from them before and the shipping is always very quick and very they are always running a 30% off sale if you put either xsparkage or sayanythingbrooke in the cupon code box.

Picture time!

First off, we have Claire's Dream Catcher with a little bit of China Glaze's Wagon Trail (a polish I lovelovelove to wear all on it's own). I've heard that the Dream Catcher is a poor girl's Chanel Jade...but I wouldn't know. I'm too poor for that shit. (Last I heard, bottles were going for $150 on eBay.) I'm not usually one for flowers, but this was simple enough that I decided to give it a try.

Next up is Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes, a half moon manicure with Misa's I Will Survive and a bit of Konad with the black special polish. This manicure lasted me almost a week before it started to look a bit haggard. I'm not sure if it was the cocktail of top and base coats I used or not, but...I was tired of it by the time I took it off. As you can see from the polish spots all over my fingers (I swear it gets in the strangest places), I'm not a very neat Konader. I got the idea for the half moon manicure from Plasma Speedo's YouTube.  I recently found her channel because somebody posted it on the Nail Board (which I frequent, Concertina3) of Make Up Alley. I love that site so much. I pretty much just stick to the NB, with the occasional foray into the FOTD and Makeup boards. Everyone is so nice and helpful on there, even when I have stupid questions. It has definitely become my favorite porn site as of late.

Enough of my verbosity. Last picture.

This is Essie's Mesmerize (a new favorite methinks) and Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes. I hate this one. I posted it on the NB and a lot of people said it looked good, but I can see all the tiny mess-ups and how uneven it is...and this is my GOOD hand! The other one looks like a real shit-show.

Pause for more coffee. Good lord I love my Keurig and my giant Guinness coffee mug.

I used the same cocktail on this last manicure as I did on the previous one - China Glaze's Strong Adhesion Base Coat, China Glaze's No-Chip Top Coat and Seche Vite, so we shall see how it lasts. Although, as soon as my new plates come in...I'm taking it off. It's kinda gonna be like that owl eating the Tootsie Pop...

The end.


Musicalhouses said...

I think all those NOTDs look great! :)