Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Organizing and such...

I, as usual, have been a bit lazy with just about everything. Projects that normally take me one or two days to complete are taking me weeks and weeks. This time of year is just not my favorite. I am so drained from work (I know whine whine whine) and I just don't have any creative juices to squeeze out. I don't really do much of my own make-up or other artistic experimentation, rather I just copy things I see on Youtube or in magazines for my daily looks and call it a day. Right around my birthday (early February) I start getting back into the groove of life so I'm sure there will be more things to share. For now, please excuse the rambling.

For your consideration, I have compiled a few pictures of my new makeup organization. I got the idea from MakeupByTiffanyD on Youtube. You can click her name to see the video I am talking about. She had a whole bunch of office supply organizers from Walmart to house her collection in. They were super cheap (I think I spent about $50 total on all the pieces) and they are made of metal so they are easy to clean up if you are a slob like me. I find it amusing how excited I am about my new setup, being that I really am a slob deep down.

Here is the whole shelf. I purchased 9 different pieces, which of course, was not enough. I fully plan on getting more although I'm not sure where I'm going to put them.

Shelf #1:

Here I have two pencil cups with my brushes. One for the eyes, one for the face. Previously I had them standing up in those two ceramic skull containers which I filled with sand. That was a disaster. The left little drawer set holds pigments and stuff I use often. The right has all of my small palettes and quads. The skully cups have random things I didn't have room for and that I don't use too regularly.

Here is a closeup of the first draw container. The top drawer has my Glittersniffer goodies.  The second has my Fyrinnae and NYX pigments with the couple of Heavenly Naturals that I own. The third has some drugstore stuff and other random mineral shadows that I barely use now.

Shelf #2:

These were two of the same little organizers. The left one has all of my lip products...palettes and glosses in the back, lipsticks in the middle and chapsticks and pot glosses in the front. The little square compartment on the side has the three lip liners I own in it.

The right side contains all of my various face powders (including my Kryolan Anti-Shine which is one of my main reasons for living). There are also various foundations and liquid and powder bronzers.

Shelf #3:

This thing is really a pain in the butt because of how it's shaped. It is oval so it makes it not fit with the rest of the items on the shelf but I've always been a sucker for little drawers (TREASURE!!!) so I picked it up anyhow. It's pretty handy despite it's exasperating design. The back left compartment has my Trucco palette and some backup eyeliners. The front left has some liquids. The top has some primers and cake eyeliners as well as my sharpeners and the pencils that would have to be fished out of the deeper cups. The right side has all the other pencils in the back and my vast array of mascara in the front and the little drawer keeps all of my funky colored liquid eyeliners.

Last up are envelope holders. These make fabulous storage spots for palettes. I keep all of my water activated colors (such as Kryolan, Mehron and Wolfe Bro's.) on the left side. On the right I keep all of my shadow palettes. I know I will need a bunch more of these soon, the ones I have are already double filled.

So that's it. Now everything is neat and easily accessible. I don't have to go digging through large drawers knocking down stuff and getting my hand all covered in loose pigment to find one little thing. It definitely makes my bathroom look neater. Now if only I could convince my landlord to let me drill a nail polish rack into the wall, I'd be the happiest person alive.

The end.


Redd said...

1) I totally squeeeeed when I saw Nom Nom Nom Balm in there!

2) I am SO jealous of all your makeup. Like whoa.

Concertina said...

Oh hell yes. Nom Nom Balm is front and center as a matter of fact!!! I love the hell out of that stuff!