Monday, November 9, 2009

A few costume looks. A bit late...I know.

For a long time I've been interested in getting into stage or costume makeup. There is this fabulous costume shop down the street from me, Columbia, that I frequent and I plan on asking them if there are any classes I can take...or if they can hook me up with one of the vendors so that I can learn. However, I'm being a bit of a chicken. are a few things I photographed while I was playing around. I also have a few pictures of the makeup I did for my Halloween costume...I was a Jellyfish.

First off...nothing makes a regular look turn odd like lipstick. We are so conditioned to think that lip colors can only come in the regular old reds and pinks and corals. Some of the bigger cosmetics companies have put out beautiful shades of black...such as Illamasqua and M.A.C but you still don't see it worn every day. And how about some more odd colors? I remember being young and wearing blue nailpolish in front of my grandmother and having to explain to her how it really was no different than wearing red or pink. She seemed to get it...but she was my early inspiriation for being a nailpolish addict (her nails were always fastidiously painted and manicured and we used to do them together) so I'm sure there wasn't much convincing needed. But why hasn't lipstick made that jump yet? If it's done nicely, I don't see how it's any different than sporting your favorite blue or green nail.

Pardon my bit of a snarl. I was feeling frisky. Here I used Wet & Wild's Fantasy Maker in black with a green duochrome from my Trucco Angelface lip palette on top.

Here is the black all by itself. It almost looks like a not such a big jump from a regular dark lip color.

Again with the snarling...I must have been in some mood...

On to a full face look. This was something I concocted late one night before I washed my face for the day. I sometimes use that time to play around. My makeup racks look so inviting, and I do so love to doodle.

I love the doll aesthetic. Looks like Amanda Palmer's in the Coin Operated Boy video make me happy.  A friend of mine, who actually took theater in college gave me some helpful pointers on how to make my schnozz not look so freakin' huge. I promised to practice and hopefully putting stuff up here on my blog will give me a visual timeline of my progress.

On to my Halloween look! I got this idea from one of my favorite Youtubers - Risa. You can see the video >here<.  Subscribe to her...she's amazing.

Here is the front view. Lots of green...

And a slightly more side-view...hopefully that shows the eyes off a bit more.

And a complete side-view. I took this to show off the contouring and shading. This look was done entirely using the 88 shimmer palette from Coastal Scents. You can also get it on Ebay from the seller Joilieeeee. I have ordered from both and had great experiences. The Coastal Scents site is a bit more expensive, but it ships quite a bit faster as the other site is located in Hong Kong (I think...feel free to correct me.)

Well that's all I have for you today. As always, please comment and pass me along!

The end.


Gothcupcake said...

Holy cow, that emerald lipstick really brings out the green in your eyes! :) I swear, the next sale I get I'm buying a palette of eyemakeup to play with!

p.s. *huggles* for the blog comment you left me :D

SheikaL said...

Absolutely beautiful! Still incredibly jealous of your green lipstick. The Fantasy Maker line of Wet N Wild makes a beautiful metallic blue shade, too. I've found that not touching up for an hour makes the inner lip a purpley color fading smoothly into blue on the outer edges.