Friday, August 7, 2009

How do I love the...let me count the Glaze...

Those of you that know me, know what undying love I hold in my little black heart for China Glaze nail polish.

I change my polish every few days.
I buy new colors almost weekly.
I follow them on Twitter (@ChinaGlaze)...and yes I do respond.
It is, so far, my favorite in color selection and formula.

I have tried a few different brands, the ones most commonly compared with China Glaze being O.P.I and Orly...and I like them enough, but I crave bright...weird...and anything but normal colors. China Glaze delivers. I am partial to their glitters because I am by no means a good manicurist. I paint outside the lines and hope that my topcoat will help peel the excess bits off by my next shower. Glitter polish is so forgiving...I want to hug it.

As far as the formulation goes, most of the time it sits right in the middle of the two aforementioned brands. O.P.I tends to be very thick...more than one coat often leads to bubbling, although this may just be my impatience. Orly is the tends to be very thin, and if more than two coats are involved, I usually mess it up. China Glaze is just right. Two coats max (unless we are talking about Yell-O-Neil) that dry quickly, so there's less time for me to forget that my nails are wet and smear them all over the place.

Since there are quite a few beauty bloggers that talk about nail polish exclusively, I won't go into too much more detail. I just feel that if you have strong opinions, in this case my undying love, you should back them up. And so I have. At the end of the post, I will link some of my very favorite nail blogs...please check them out! These ladies are amazing and whenever something new comes out...I scour their pages for hours drooling, listing, and deciding.

On to the collection: (colors are listed left to right with collection info if I know it)

For Audrey - lovely light turquoise cream
Shower Together - deep turquoise cream - ecollection
Rodeo Fanatic
- dark blue green shimmer (notice a trend?) - Rodeo Diva collection
Blk-Bila-Bong - black with teal glitter (no, no trend or anything) - Surf collection

Ruby Pumps - red with TONS of red glitter
Yell-O-Neil - bright yellow with glassy flecks (very sheer) - Surf collection
Treehugger - light green with light turquoise shimmer - ecollection
Watermelon Rind - a king of teal/forest green with green glitter - Summer Days collection

Wagon Trail - black with dark gold glitter - Rodeo Diva collection
VIII - very dark eggplant purple cream (looks almost black on) - X collection
Strong Adhesion Base Coat
No-Chip Top Coat - these two together makes your polish last at least a week

And the two newest members of my polish family:

Cords - grayish taupe shimmer - Retro Diva collection
Stroll - burgundy with red glitter and glass flecks - Retro Diva collection

I was going to save the next two photos for NOTD posts...but I figured, since they are both China Glaze, I would include them here.

This first one is Yell-O-Neil. I really want to love this polish. The color is's the most gorgeous yellow I've ever seen. The glass flecks in it catch the light and are just so pretty. The only problem I have with it is that it's so very sheer. This is three coats...and as you can see, it doesn't cover completely. I was considering trying a very opaque white or cream color underneath to see if that would help.

This here is Stroll. I don't usually go for the more normal colors, reds, plums, pinks...but I picked this one up on three previous trips (to the ONLY place in my area that sells China Glaze), so I decided to get it. I love it! This one also has little glassy flecks in it. I see many days of distraction in my future.

See? Didn't I tell you that I suck at doing my nails? Maybe next time I should clean them up before photographing them! (Nah, too lazy.)

I took a small break in the middle of writing what do I do? I order more nailpolish. Yes, I am aware that I am sad. (But you want to know what I got don't you??? *wickedsmile*)

Lubu Heels
Shocking Pink
Secret Peri-Wink-Le
In The Lime Light

In the same order I also got some Color Club and some Misa polishes, so I will review these as well. Sometime soon I should also be getting the Zoya polishes I "won" in the Zoya 5000 Twitter giveaway. I will post about all of them when I get them!

The end.

Ok, I lied. It's not the end. Here are some of my favorite nail bloggers. Show them love!

Vampy Varnish
All Lacquered Up (wins the awesome name award!)


Park Avenue said...

Loooooove this post. I'm in love w/ China Glaze, too. Right now I'm wearing "For Audrey," but I also

Tree Hugger
Shower Together
Wagon Trail
Coconut Kiss
Ruby Pumps & at least 10 more CG colors.

*I'm waiting for my Zoya Twitter 5000 colors, too. Can't wait. I chose Melanie, Jo & Roxy!*

Anonymous said...

I love your post! In my latest and first internet haul I have gotten a ton of ChG, now I can't wait to try them. I guess that is what happens when you order a ton of NP online!
I wish I was lucky enough to have a store in NYC that stocks CHG, but I haven't seen them yet!

Concertina said...

You guys are super awesome and way too kind! Thanks for commenting! I seriously enjoy hearing from everyone that reads my blog!

Park -
I too am awaiting my Zoya...I was really hoping (not realistically of course) that they'd be there when I collected my mail today...but no dice. *sad face*
I have looked at Coconut Kiss more than once in the I might just have to add that to the "future" list.

cmp -
I can't believe there are no stores in the city that have China Glaze!!! (I'm from yes, it's THE city.) Some colors just need to be seen in person. They just opened up a huge Sephora in Times Square...maybe there??

Even with the giant haul I have coming...I still managed to pick up Japanese Koi's one of the CG Neons...from the INK collection. I think I might need counselling...