Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick FOTD Double Feature are some quick FOTD's for you. It's late...I'm lazy...and I got a DVD all loaded up and ready to go...the only thing missing is me in my bed.

Whilst I was helping my friend grocery shop the other day (she has two little it's tough to shop alone), I forced her to go down the makeup isle. I rarely ever buy turquoise eye shadow because it's my favorite. I know that sounds counterintuitive but because I love it so, I have ended up with a hojillion of them. I couldn't pass this up though...I really tried! I put it back like four times!

Maybelline's Sea Glass duo:

I look pissed in this picture for some reason. I think I was really tired...
Lipstick is Crush by Rimmel.
And here in the close up you can see that this was also my attempt at cutting my crease...

This next one here is today's machination. I'm labeling it "Black Sunset" because I like to come up with pretentious names for my, I'm not being's the truth!

The black is called Toothache by Glittersniffer over a Wolfe Brothers base. The reds, oranges and yellows are from the Crazy 88 palette.

I'm really liking this profile picture...but I still looked pissed.

Edit: I forget which YouTuber I picked this trick up from...but the easiest way I found to make that cat eye line on the edge there is using a baby wipe. Put your shadow on normal...then just put a baby wipe over your pointer finger and wipe it up to your eyebrow. Super simple... since I can't put tape on my face (I break out REALLY easily...notice my little spots right now...). Now I can have that nice crisp line without going through all the mess.

The end!