Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Outside the Makeup Box - Pearl Ex Craft Pigments

Finally! I have the time to put together some of the blog posts I've been promising. First off...I would like to talk about the new awesomeness I found. Ok...well "I" didn't find it...but I'm so glad I was watching when someone else did...hehe.

Here are my two sources:

Sokolum79's YouTube channel - she's such a hot hottie...and I LOVE her style.
Check her out if: You loooooove bright colors (like me) and never differentiate between "daytime" and "nighttime" looks.

Kayleigh's deviantART - another hot hottie!! She does awesome awesome work. The picture that made me HAVE to own these pigments is >here<.

Please check both of these awesome ladies out and show them the appropriate amount of love.

So...about these pigments. They are not makeup. You can get them at the craft store...I paid about $20 for this set of 12. They come in 3g jars...which is enough pigment to choke many horses...and make them look pretty while you're at it. They are mainly used for glazing pottery and glass objects using a mixing medium...or in scrapbooking as glitter. They are non-toxic and made of mica...which is what most mineral makeup is made of. Of course, they don't reccomend you getting certain colors near your face...but almost all red and yellow colored pigments come with the same stipulation. There are a few people who can't handle those particular if you are one of those people...I'd advise against using these. On the other hand...if you are like me...and either aren't allergic...or don't mind downing a little antihistimine in the great name of beauty...then by all means...slather it on.

Here are the swatches - over a base of TFSI:

1 - Spring Green - mossy almost olive green
2 - Bright Yellow - Yep.
3 - Duo Green Yellow - This looks so cool over a black base...very antique gold.
4 - Sparkling Copper - This is a glitter...someone said "like crushed pennies"...very apt.
5 - Aztec Gold - gorgeous gorgeous deep gold
6 - Blue Russet - If I could marry a color...
7 - Misty Lavender - pretty lilac/lavender color, pastel
8 - Flamingo Pink - bright hot pink
9 - Antique Copper - more of a frosty brown color
10 - True Blue - pastel blue
11 - Antique Silver - gorgeous warm silver
12 - Turquoise - LOVE

The colors are incredibly you can see. They are so gorgeous...there are just no words for how much I love that Blue Russet. I have a couple of looks here for you all. The first one using that color, I just couldn't wait to rip into it.

Kryolan Strauss Wine aquacolor as a base.
Pearl Ex Craft Pigment in Blue Russet.
I honestly can't remember what else I used...oh yeah Sebastian Trucco's red duo as a highlight and in the inner corner...not that you can see it all that much. I might have taken the picture before I put it on...way to go me!

And the second look...I also could not wait to rip into that Aztec Gold. For as silly as yellows look on me, I just can't seem to stay away from them...

Wolfe Brother's metallic gold as a base.
Pearl Ex Aztec Gold and Antique copper
Some brown liquid liner...I think it was Wet & Wild...I decided to wing it out in the front to be random. What do you think??

The end!