Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Makeup Pressing

Soooo...I just ordered a 28 pan palette from Stars Makeup Haven to put all of my "that sized" eyeshadow in. My bins are just getting way too overfilled. Since it's coming with a butt-ton of empty pans...I thought perhaps I might try to press some of my own pigments and mineral eye-shadows to fill up the palette with.

I've been watching videos on this for like...two hours...cos I'm an ass like that. But, if anyone knows anything about this...and wants to give me tips, I'll love you forever!!

<3 (See? That's the love right there...)

The end.


Anonymous said...

It's easy! Just get a mineral pressing liquid thingy. Coastal Scents makes one:

Then just mix the pigment with it, press into the pan/pot whatever, and blot it with a paper towel to take out extra moisture. Set it somewhere out of the way to dry. That link also shows how. I've done it before, it's super easy :)

Concertina said...

Sweet! Thanks...
I'm probably going to try out a bottle of Silk Therapy first, because apparently it has the same ingredients as the Coastal Scents pressing medium...and I got it for frees. =D