Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've been hoarding.

Not intentionally, to be sure. More out of laziness than anything else. I've been super busy at work lately (story of my life) and when I get home I just want to pass the frig out. Which I do...often.

So, enough of my's some stuff! I have a few eye looks and a couple of reviews. I've been on a bit of a retail-therapy binge there will be more reviews in the future.

As always...if you enjoy any of my nonsensities...please pass them along!

For these looks...I'm going to try to list the products I used...but I've had these on my camera for a while so...I'm sure I won't remember all of them.

First up, some blue. If you look on the Crazy 88 palettes (as I am lately wont to call them), you will find in the 5,8 spot...the most gorgeous blue. There is one in both the matte palette and the Ultra Shimmer...I think I used the shimmer one for this but it is entirely possible I didn't. You can get the 88's anywhere really...I bought them from Coastal Scents...because I thought they were original to them, but I'm finding that they aren't...and there are plenty of places that sell them cheaper.

Underneath the blue I put Fyrinnae's Illicit Passion (one of the pro colors). I adore this's dark, grayish and goes well with pretty much everything. In the corner I used a pigment from Coastal Scents...Interfine Blue.

Here it is on both eyes:

Next up is a similar look, just using purples. I am certain I used the same Illicit Passion...because, like I said...I love that color.

The deeper purple is from Heavenly Naturals and it's called Laurel Fairy. The inner corner and as a highlight I used Coastal Scent's Interfine Red.

Again on both eyes:

Please ignore the goopy mess my eyeliner is making in the corner of my left is practically an occupational hazard when you are as much of a makeup geek as myself.

Ok...last one and then on to some reviews. My all time favorite color - turquoise.

I know that underneath this look I used the Mehron Pastel AQ palette. However, I don't remember what I used on top. More than likely it was the Crazy 88 Matte palette...and I think in the corners was the same shade from the Ultra Shimmer palette. There was a little more defining done in the crease with some black and some forest green...but I didn't like the picture I took of it. Also...ignore the dark circles. I'm matter how much I sleep, I am never without them. I must have taken this picture later in the day...and it's been pretty humid so my normal cocktail of Mehron bases and concealers must have worn off. time. Ok I lie...I'm making tea first. *short break*

Well, after quite an exhausting reformatting of my pictures here (Oh Blogger, why must you suck in that area??)...I can finally finish! Up there ^^^ you will see a beautiful dark blue nail polish. It's called Dark Navy and it's by e.l.f. The picture is great! It's a sparkly dark dark blue and it has a bit of shimmer to it. Unfortunately, for as excited as I was about this polish, I have to say I am pretty dissapointed. The formula was ok...if a bit thick. I originally put on two coats...and it looked I took it off and found that one coat was really all I needed. It is so dark though, that it looks black on. It only really flashes that pretty pretty blue in the camera light or sunshine (which made for much distracted driving btw). Despite my general meh-ness about this was only a dollar. So really, I can't complain too much. I'll probably try some of their other colors in the future for that reason alone...although they really only have "normal" colors...and they look terrible on me.

Next up are the Cover Girl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers. These glosses are FABULOUS! I love them so much. I first bought the Watermelon one and when I felt how absolutely lovely they are on the lips, I went out and bought three more.
Left to right they are:
Fig Splash
Tangerine Splash
Lemon Splash
Watermelon Splash

Here are the swatches:

The only one that's a bit different is the Fig. It's pretty frosty...but still very pretty. They aren't terribly expensive...around $5 or $6 depending on where you get them. If you like very shiny, kinda glittery and DEFINITELY not sticky lip gloss...I 100% reccomend them.

And I leave you...with a messed up attempt at some zebra striped nails. They looked HORRIBLE...and because I didn't want to waste my China Glaze No Chip...I used my Orly Won't Chip...and it was too thankfully it peeled right off and I got to change it. The colors I used were China Glaze's Tree Hugger (base) and Revlon's Street Wear (a really old collection) in Toad.
For as bad as they were up close though...I think I would like to have nice Zebra nails in the future. I'm looking into the Konad Nail Stamper...but it will be a while before I can spend money...unless I can drum up some sales in my Etsy shop. So until then...

The end!