Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My To Do Lists:

Perhaps if I write down all of the things I need to get done here...I will be motivated to do them. I have been VERY remiss in my duties lately, and I am hoping that the Almighty Internets will be the kick in the ass that I need.

(Hold please whilst I put the chicken on the grill...)


Finish monkey for delivery on Wednesday.


Foot doctor.
Clean house.
Finish seal headband.
Do associate performance reviews so my kids can get their raises.


Fun stuff ...

I'd been looking at this gray polish every time I went to Walmart. It was weird, and something I'd never seen before, but for some reason...I didn't buy it. I don't know was $2...
Well, since I needed some flowers for Mother's Day (no, I'm not THAT cheap...she gets other stuff too...) I decided to grab it...just for S & G's (that's shits and giggles kids). And since the polish that I frankened the other day peeled like a mofo...I got my nails did.

I was very surprised at how PRETTY this was. It's not looks kind of shimmery in the's very flat. It actually stayed on pretty nicely too...I mean...I leave my dishes for a week so when it comes time to wash them, nothing keeps my polish on.

Next fun thing...(my eyelids were cooperating today...)
I recently ordered some stuff from Fyrinnae Cosmetics. Of course, I bought eyeshadow...but I picked a few from their professional color line...because I like that they stay a bit longer, and they had some great choices. I don't know (yet, because I will definitely be ordering from them again) if it's this way with all of their shadows, but the jars that they come in are PACKED! It's a regular sized 3 gram jar...for about $6 (pretty average)...but instead of them being just about half is seriously coming out of the top. Messy, yes...but FABULOUS!

The following look was done with two of their colors...and some other stuff.

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (of course)
Kryolan's Mozart Pink Aquacolor (out of >this< palette)
Fyrinnae's Bite Me in the area above crease...and dragged towards inner corner
Rimmel eyeliner in Purple Shock under eye (for a base)
Fyrinnae's Illicit Passion in outer "v" area, into crease, and under eye
Rimmel soft kohl black eyeliner
Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara

I'm lovin' this look so much...I'm going to wear it this weekend if I hang out with...ahhh, nevermind. *wink*
It kind of makes my eyes look a tad bluer than they usually are...which is cool. All of the kids in my family got such dramatically different eye colors, but I am kind of happy that I got the chameleon ones.

Ok, work time.

The end.