Friday, April 10, 2009

Disembodied Monkey - WIP

Please excuse the verbal's late...and I'm super tired...this will be a short one.

So my (wonderful genius super awesome) hairdresser wanted me to make a monkey for her niece's birthday. I have been sooooo blocked up lately...I haven't known where to start. But tonight...for some reason...I felt the urge to mess about...I threw on Anastasia on Hulu...and got to work. So far, I have the head face and ears all put together, and I figured I'd give you a little head...*cough* ok...that's not what I meant...did I mention I was tired?

I realize his mouth is a bit crooked...but I'm hoping that adds to his charm. Don't mind the mess about my worktable in the background...I'm a slob.

The blue that I used is so so so so soft...and the green is my most favorite green yarn ever...I don't even think I can get it I only use it on REALLY special occasions. (What can I say...she does my hair REALLY well...)

I'm considerably certain he will look a whole lot better once he's got a bum. So for now, comments, ideas, flames...whatevs.

Now I'm off to sleep...