Monday, May 4, 2009

Makeup, eggs and my new DS Lite!

Hello everyones. I've been soooooo busy lately...but I have been snapping pictures of pretty much everything. I'm going to make this short and sweet with just little captions under each picture or else this blog with spiral on into infinity.

I am not happy with this look, so I thought I'd post it first and get it out of the way. Orange on the top...teal on the bottom. I even LOOK bored...

A rare shot of me with my glasses on. Just a bunch of purples...and M.A.C's Electra in the corners. That shadow is my new favorite eye booger creator.

This actually looked a lot better in real life. Black base...blues out of the Coastal Scents 88 palette, and Interfine Blue Duocrome (also by Coastal Scents) in the corners and outsides of the crease.

My new Mehron palette!!! (Mehron Paradise AQ in Tropical) YAY! I am going to play with this as soon as I finish up here.

Um. This stuff is the SHIT. Hands down the BEST mascara I've ever used. Saw a review on Pixiewoo's Youtube and decided to try it. Fabulous.

The new lipglosses from Coastal Scents. Very nice...not sticky AT ALL. I only got two...cos I'm kind of broke at the moment...but both needed some sort of base. The O'Scarlet because it was VERY drying, and the Oasis because it just didn't last long. But they are cheap...and pretty.

My delicious noms from a few days ago. Eggs over easy with Frank's Hot Sauce.

And this here. This is my new baby! Yay! I absolutely love the crap out of this thing. I've had a DS since it launched...the old one...and the Lite. So my Lite was the original white one. I would have kept it just BECAUSE it was a launch model...but LOOK AT THIS!!!! I can't resist things that are this ugly. I just can't. clashes so well with my turquoise case! (Not pictured is the GIANT Gyarados sticker I have on the front of the case...) Boy am I a nerd.

The end!


Max Kirgan said...

I like the blue and the purple. As for the teal and orange, maybe if they were reversed?