Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*Surgery Update*

I totally copied this from my social group on pretty much summed up my day perfectly...and I'm too tired to think anymore.

So, today was my first doctors appointment. It was...interesting. I had to take a few tests...and they robbed me of my blood. Lots of it. I forgot how much of a freakin' baby I was when it came to that poo...thank god my sister-in-law asked if I wanted her to come in with me....I was like...ummmmmm *plz*. I was very close to screaming *GET THIS poo OUT OF MY ARMMMMMM NOWWWW!!!!!* when she finished up...I was ok until I looked at the table and saw the like 50 vials of MY BLOOD...on the upside...I did get to pee in a cup. Then I also got to walk into a VERY FULL waiting room with said cup...I kind of waved it around so everyone could tell I was carrying pee. (I had to amuse myself somehow...)

Hands down though, I really think the best part of the whole experience was that every person I talked to had such a great attitude. Usually when I go to the doctor...they make me feel ashamed and stupid because I'm fat. I'm not stupid...I know what to do...there are just way too many factors involved. It's not as easy as "go on a diet" when you are my just isn't. These people understand that...and they were so helpful and supportive. I really feel happy that I decided to do it.

I have a tentative time for when I'll actually be having the surgery. Since my insurance company has a few stipulations, I have to wait 6 months...that puts me into October...which kind of works out perfectly. I'll be back from my business trip...and I can take the time off of work before it gets REALLY busy for the holidays.

I also got my Coastal Scents MOTHERLOAD! I'll have pictures and stuff later. Time for sleep.

The end.