Friday, April 24, 2009

Music Makes My Heart Feel Light...or...Blogging in the Dark: How I Avoid "Real" Work

Have you ever had something making you so happy that you felt like your heart was swelling and going to burst? I know that might sound a bit cliche...but right now, that is how I feel. It is gorgeous outside for a start...I have my windows open and it's just starting to cool down for the evening so there is a lovely breeze. There are children playing outside...everyone sounds like they are having a good time. But the best part of my world right now is happening across the street. There is a man sitting in a stairwell with a keyboard...and he is playing the most beautiful music. Someone just joined him with a guitar...and occasionally a woman with an amazing voice chimes in. It is such a change from unnecessary noise that this neighborhood usually produces. There is no random yelling, or loud pointless rap...(not that ALL rap is has it's place...but like so much of the shit music that is put out seems that that all anyone wants to listen the garbage) fights breaking negativity. Just a beautiful, random, peaceful day.

This is going to be another huge entry...I think I save up all of my things to share until I have one big mother load to blog about. I have some makeup looks...some haul storage solutions and a WIP to share. As always, there will be lots of pictures...because I have an unhealthy relationship with my digital camera. Don't forget to click on all the purple words...they bring you to fun places!!!

So I was at Walmart the other night...doing my weekly shopping bonanza with my friend Melinda...(yes, this is how you spend your nights when you are old like us)...and I decided to do something about the lack of storage in my bathroom. was pathetic. The teeny tiny counter only holds my soaps/lotions/toothbrush and the mirror has all of my administrative supplies like Q-tips and such. I posted a blog earlier this month (or last month, I can't remember) about my little drawer thingey I got for my make up to live in...which was precariously perched on the back of my toilet. Well I decided that sucked and I wanted one of those free standing shelf units that goes over the potty. And thus:

It's been pretty fantastic...and now I don't have random shit on the floor (that was where my cotton balls was sad...). The only problem is it made the already small space between my toilet and my counter a tiny bit smaller. It's kind of hard to bend over and wash my face now...because my giant ass hits into the shelf. This will all be remedied after my surgery and subsequent loss of mass weight.

The next thing I have to show off is my Coastal Scents order...or haul if you will. I really love this stuff...I was so excited to get it all. I really like the quality. They even sell loose mica powders...which are really for mixing your own cosmetics...but I just plan on using them for eyeshadows. I will also be sharing with friends because for like $4 you get a whole ounce JAR...look!

I got Red Iron Oxide (which will be in the pictures of the look I did today), Yellow Iron Oxide, Antique Gold and two duo chromes, one red and one blue (those white looking ones...they are SO PRETTY!). So if you know me...and I like you...and you want a little bit of any of these, let me know...I think I can get some empty gram jars pretty easily.

I also picked up their two 88 eyeshadow palettes, because seriously, who can resist all those pretty pretty colors for around $20 each? One is matte/satins and one is shimmer. They both have about the same colors...I just got both to have the different consistencies.

The Original 88:

The 88 Shimmers:

I know it's hard to tell the difference. I am a horrible picture taker! While I was going nuts, I also picked up their professional blush palette...which is pretty damn amazing for only $16 and change.

10 Piece Professional Blush Palette:

The colors are nicely pigmented and there are so many different choices that I am never at a loss to match my other make up. Don't get me wrong, I still love the shit out of my Mary Kay Sparkling Cider blush...but this is just in case I need something else.

OK...on to the looks. I have from today...and one, a bit more ostentatious than normal (who am I kidding, no it's not...) that I did the other day.


Yeah, I know the one eye looks more red than the's just the picture. Those of you who know me, know that I am WAY to anal to have let myself go around like that all day. Here's the list of goodies I used:

Two Faced Shadow Insurance - I will NEVER not use this's so rad!
M.A.C' s Electra - inner corner/half & underneath eye
Coastal Scents' Red Iron Oxide pigment - crease and under outer part of eye
Some black eyeliner I had...I think it's Wet &'s one of those twisty ones that I love.
Maybelline's Lash Stiletto in Soft Black - on my lashes duh! (I am not terribly impressed with I used some of their Define-A-Lash to thicken it up.)
Highlighter - some of the peachy ones in my Claire's palette
Blush - Coastal Scents 10 Piece Professional Blush of those

Ok, so the second one I have for you is this:

Glittersniffer's Marlene - inner corner/half
Glittersniffer's Pam - crease/outer corner
That black eyeliner I was talking about before...
The Lash Stiletto by itself.
Blush - Nyx's Pinky
Lips - Mary Kay's Nourishine Lip Gloss in Polynesian Pink
The whole look will be at the end.

On to the arts portion of this nut-show. I've had this drawn out and covered in friskit for two months now. It's been living on top of my printer...but I haven't had the *oomph* to work on it. I've had a pretty clear idea what was going to happen with it...and even picked out a name...but couldn't get started. But today...with all of the music...and the happiness floating around...I got the urge to start.

The Brothers:

Skulls from me? No WAY! Yes. Another skull painting. This is just a preliminary wash and paint drip though...I will most likely be going in with more blue or even different colors, I haven't decided. I will post more pictures as it progresses.

That's pretty much all for now. I'll leave you all with a bit of vanity...and a full picture of the second make up look...I really hate my eyebrows.

The necklace is from the super rad Miss Mary of Black Kitten Accessories on Etsy. Go check her out. She's amazing!

The end.


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