Monday, April 20, 2009

Awesome Make-up, A Bangin' Dinner and a Quickie Update

Soooooo...I'm fresh from a run of Death Toll on Left 4 Dead...and as we all know, video games rot your brains faster than the T-Virus, so bear with me.

I am quite enjoying the silence at the moment. I live in the ghetto, on the corner of the ghettoist street in the ghetto...and while it isn't like I'm scared to walk is usually noisy. Now that the weather is warm, people are hanging out outside, talking, yelling, playing their music at inordinately high levels...round about 8pm they start getting rowdy, sometimes fights break out...the like. This is my first summer in this apartment, and I can say with much conviction that I am not looking forward to it. Tonight, however, it's raining. And I have my peace. I can only hope for a very wet summer.

To the meat:

I went home for my regular "ew I hate laundromats and I'd like to visit my parents and eat their food" visit this Sunday...and I had two packages waiting for me. The first was my order from Two Faced. I picked up their Shadow Insurance to try because I'd heard a lot of good things about it. They also let you, when you order, pick a sample of I figured, it couldn't hurt to have a little travel size of the same thing...
I got to crack it open this morning...and I have to say, I freakin' LOVE this stuff. I have had my eye make-up on for 15 hours and there isn't even the barest hint of a crease. At all.

This here is a picture of me at around 9am this morning, right after I applied my make-up...more about the colors in a second. Below is a picture of me at around 9pm this evening, after I worked all day, grocery shopped, and cooked dinner. Pardon the chipped nail polish, I was exhibiting exhorbitant amounts of nervous tension and felt the need to abuse it.

Pretty damn good, eh? And yes, those are my real eyelashes.

So, not only did I get THAT awesome package, but I also got my order from Heavenly Naturals...another company from Etsy. In the pictures above: For a base I used the Raven Gel Eyeliner and on top, the color is Sea Dragon. And just to feed my unnecessary addiction to purple eye shadow...I picked up Laurel Fairy. I am pretty impressed with the quality of, particularly, the gel liner. Usually, by about 8 hours after it's applied, gel liner fades and creases or turns kind of a grayish color...not this stuff. As you can see (I really should have time stamped those two pictures eh?) it hasn't changed in the slightest. The green is just gorgous...I have yet to use the purple, but I am expecting good things.

I also got to crack into that Kryolan eyeshadow this weekend. Now that I have played with it, I really wish I had gotten the other colors that were there. That too stayed all day without any creasing and, of course, the color was just absolutely beautiful.

Here I've used Glittersniffer's Liar with Kryolan's Sea on the outside. I do have a turquoise fetish, so I'm biased, but these two colors together were just so pretty. The liner is a FABULOUS one by Mary Kay called Bahama Blue. I have had a seriously inappropriate relationship with this eye liner since I bought it... The blush is Nyx's Pinky and the lipgloss is called Polynesian Petals by Mary Kay. I have recently been loving the new Mary Kay formulas (both items are from their Coastal Colors collection). I used to not be able to wear their stuff because of my ultra sensitive skin...but I gave them another try when my best friend started selling it. Not only am I in love with that eye liner, but that lip gloss is heavenly. It's sparkly, which always makes me happy, but most importantly, it's not all goopy and gross. I have also started their skin care routine. It's too soon to tell whether or not I'm as in love as I am with the other products...I'm sure I'll blab when that time comes.

Ok, now for updates:

Wednesday is my first meeting with my surgeon. I'm so many things right now...excited, scared, nervous... I know it won't go down like this, but I keep thinking he's going to tell me I can't do it. That I'm not eligable or something...upon which hearing the news, I cry like a retard in his office. I have so much riding on this surgery now...that if something like that happens, I'm not sure how I'm going to react. I just got used to the idea of being able to do things again, to not have pain in every joint every day, to living longer, and yes, even to relinquishing my reign as Princess Tiny Bladder. So many people are excited FOR me. I don't know why, but this first visit seems like such a milestone...if I can get past this...I will REALLY be on my way. We shall see...and I shall post more news when I have it.

And now for the Bangin' Dinner:
This will be a recipe of sorts...I don't know exactly how much of what I used...because until recently...I couldn't boil just kind of treat every meal as a science experiment and hope for the best. Try it out though...I promise what I made was fabulous!

Chicken Stir Fry with Curry Sauce
____________________________ a smallish eggplant and put it in your fridge. Now...get real lazy...and forget about it for a week, week and a half. Then...suddenly, when you are shopping for other food, remember it's there and decide that you should probably cook with it before it goes all hairy. Now, grab some stuff like chicken, some pretty colored peppers and plain yogurt.

Pull out your eggplant, realize that you are about a week too late in deciding that you should use it...and chop off the gross bits. Sniff it a few times for good measure, just to make sure it isn't terribly gross...then cube it up and put it aside. Start a pot for some rice. Instead of using water like they tell you...use chicken makes it taste more...well...chickeny. Also...don't get plain old boring white rice...get some cool multi colored's expensive, but it lasts a long time and looks damn pretty on your plate. Make that rice...yeah.

Don't forget to unhook your smoke alarm because you can't cook anything in your tiny ass apartment without setting that son of a bitch off.

Cut up a big ass clove of garlic (I'm my tastebuds are slightly obliterated by all the garlic I've eaten over the years...the only cure is more I just put it in everything). Then cut up a tiny piece of fresh ginger and throw them in a pan with some olive oil and melted butter. Brown that stuff up...or I something with it. Then cut up that pepper...I used a yellow one because the artist and me said that yellow and purple were complimentary colors (even though by this point, my eggplant was a bit more brownish). OK, now throw all those veggies in the pan...and let them cook down about half way to mushy. Throw some salt on there because it makes things taste nummy.

Now while you are waiting for that shit to cook...cut up your chicken and leave it on your cutting board until ALL the Salmonella had evaporated into the air. Wash your hands like 7 times like a good little OCDer. Take a bowl and put like three giant mega spoons of plain yogurt in it. Then take some curry powder...and put some in. Then put some more. And now put some more because it really still tastes like yogurt at this point. Seriously, don't be afraid of the curry. Next, throw some salt in that business and, just for shits and giggles, some garlic powder. Taste it to make sure it doesn't taste like ass.'s time to cook the chicken. Put it in with the veggies and throw some more salt on it. You had probably better throw a bit of chicken stock in at this point too so your junk doesn't burn all over the place. Ah, what the hell...some olive oil on that noise too. Mix it around a few times and pretend you know what you are looking for. Then, because chicken takes longer to cook than you think...fold some laundry, check your emails, text your friends...all while getting up and going back and forth from the living room to the kitchen to make sure it doesn't burn. Oh yeah, check on that rice too...cos it's probably sticking to the bottom of the pan about now.

When all of the stuffs is done cooking...put some rice on your plate, then put some of that veggie/chicken stuff...and finally top it off with the yogurt sauce. Then: Nom. Trust me, it's delicious.

That there concludes the recipe section of this blog...and because I've yapped enough for one night...I will leave everyone with a jelly, thusly.

The end.


Anonymous said...

I am most jealous of your lashes. And I love Two Faced. I'm a makeup snob (when I can afford it) and that is one of my fav brands!

Kyo said...

So, the whole "you follow mine, I'll follow yours" thing is totally awesome, cause I think I love you. YAY someone else uses Glittersniffer and OMGHOLYSHIT another girl who plays L4D!! Do you play online by chance? =D

Concertina said...

I DO play online...cos seriously...that game is SO BORING offline hehe.

Surprise tag is Concertina.