Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I have a camera and a fetish...

Yes, it's true. I am a make-up whore. Now, I would like to think of myself as the type of person that is above such material things as beauty products...but it's just not true. I get all gooey when I buy new eyeshadow...and I squeal when I see pretty nail polish. Most people would be shocked to know that I exhibit, on occasion, at least one or two girly qualities. Make-up is my biggest one.

I will start off with my very special addiction to eyeshadow. This love I have for all things eye make-up is deep and profound. I usually leave out the lipstick in favor of plain old lip balm so I can have funky funky eyes. Recently, I fell in love with . I have used everything that I can afford, which sadly leaves out the likes of Mac and Nars and other designer make-up. (With the small exception of Origins...which I will spring for even if I have to give up several meals...) Glittersniffer is seriously the best. The colors are bright and nasty (in a VERY good way), they last forever...and one little pot goes a loooooong way. I have 8 of them now (with 3 more on the way) but it has become a weekly treat for me. Since it's cheap...and I like to spend money, it's been a way that I can get something without having to sacrifice the aforementioned meals.

Since I am also a vain, vain bitch...I have many pictures of myself wearing this eyeshadow. This particular swatch of vainity shows off Zombie Girl (the green on the inside) and Manny (the blueish teal on the outside). These colors were not edited in the slightest...I just desaturated my skin and irises to showcase how extremely bright the pigments are. Yes I do realize my eyebrows are hideous...I have long since resigned myself to the losing side of that battle.

Moving along...I recently watched a review on Youtube for the Claire's Cosmetics eyeshadows...and decided to pick them up because I was looking for some big palettes on the very cheap. <---Review. So, after I got all of my work done at the store today, I took a little stroll over to the store I hadn't visited since I was probably 15 (that was longer ago than I care to admit...). Anyhow, here is what I got...One palette of cream 24 cream eyeshadows, one with 54 regular eyeshadows (with oddly NO green at all...) and one nasty nasty palette of 21 glitter gel shadows. I played with them a bit when I got home...but seriously, I can't wait to rip into them tomorrow. I'll be like a kid in a candy store. Please excuse my circa 1970's bathroom decor...the apartment is cheap, OK?

I also made a stop to WalMart because my little little counter can't hold the awesomeness that is all of my make-up. I ended up getting a smaller version of the kick-ass bins that I keep all my yarn in. Best part is, it's not that means I can buy more...muahahahhaa *evillaugh*.
Is it obvious yet that I am enjoying this picture thing?? aside from my disturbing obession with eyeshadow...I also conduct inappropriate relationships with nail polish. Although I keep alive the theme of absolutely disgusting colors...I am often found wearing subdued and almost demure colors on my nails. I love pale pinks and beiges almost as much as my nasty acid greens, trashy denim blues and uber-goth blacks. Since I am a giving person, and I love to share news of the products I find most rad...I will leave off with something that is so awesome, so fantasticly cool...that no one who has even the slightest love for nail color should be without. This here is Orly Won't Chip. It is just about the best thing on earth. You know how when you paint your nails black...and then you move slightly, or look at them the wrong way and they chip to high heaven? Well...this completely prevents that. I don't get my nails done, I don't have long tips...I wash dishes and paint and crochet and play my my nailpolish is off my nails faster than a horny chicks panties on prom night. So, when I say this shit better believe that it does. has a rad rubber top that's all nubbly...

So yeah...that was my today in a nutshell. Work, make-up, home, make-up, WoW, nail polish during WoW, and more make-up.

Tomorrow, ah tomorrow. I go to see my brother's doctor. The only thing bad that will happen tomorrow is the 2 hour drive to his house. Other than that, nothing is going to get me down...


Gothcupcake said...

I used to do my nails all the time--and I mean DO my nails, I used to paint the Sailor Moon characters on my nails, tropical sunset scenes complete with palm tree and mini desert islands, all sorts of stuff! I don't grow my nails long anymore and don't typically spend that long on my nails anymore, but I do love to collect nail polishes. I think it's safe to say I will be lurking your blog quite often, as I love the reviews ^_^ Now I need to hunt me down some of that Orly No Chip!

Concertina said...

Oh wow...that's nuts! I don't have the mental fortitude needed to paint characters...every time I get the idea to do something's usually only a stripe, or a dot...I can pretty much just do that lol!

I usually keep my nails pretty short because of my guitar. They are long (for me) now...because I've also been using O.P.I's Nail Envy...which is really so they just don't split all to hell.