Saturday, April 18, 2009

[Insert Witty Title Here]

Usually, I have no problem with coming up with random witty things to say...or at least it sounds that way in my head...

I've been blessed with a bit of extra money this what did I spend it on? That's right...make-up and nail polish. (I also saved a nice chunk too, so I don't really feel bad about it.) Anyhow, I have lots of pictures. I've also gotten to use some of it so I have some review bits as well.

I've been all over nail polish lately...which is odd for me. Normally I can't be arsed with doing my nails...there are more important things to do, know, play Pokemon or something. In my underwear. A bit too creepy? Yeah, I thought so...

First off, I found a place that sells China Glaze. Which, together with Orly and O.P.I, forms the holy trifecta of super rad and kick-ass polish. Left to right, the colors are: Yell-O-Neil, Shower Together (bow chicka?) and Tree Hugger. Since my friend Dusty bestowed upon me a deck of Munchkin: Cthulhu cards, and we are planning on cracking it open tonight, I went with the Tree Hugger as sort of an Elder God homage. Yeah, I'm nerdy like that.

See that sweet-ass ring I'm wearing? You can find it at I seriously wear it like every day...go check her out!

Next up, and pardon the SUPER crappy picture, Hot Topic nail polish. I already had the black...but the other day I got the two neon colors (which I have affectionately named Xbox 360 Green and Xbox Live Orange...I should get the red one and name it The Three Red Lights of Doom...) and the silver. The silver isn't actually silver polish, it's a SUPER dense glitter, which I LOVE because it stays on forever, unless some asshat customer tells you to re-open the DS game you just sealed so he can be SURE the instruction booklet is inside. Then it chips...and consequently ruins my day. (Yes, I am that shallow.)

I still haven't used the orange yet, but I had a similar experience with the lasted a really long time. The green, however, cracked underneath my top coat (Orly's Won't Chip). There wasn't too much actual chipping, but it looked a bit terrible after a day or so. I love that it's such an ugly color though, so I will most likely wear it again.

In keeping with the Hot Topic theme...I also picked up a few of their eye shadow duos. I didn't really expect a whole lot from them...they are very cheap, but I am not one to resist anything of the bright and sparkly variety.

So far, I've tried out the teal (top left) and the purple (bottom right). The teal was fantastic...the purple, not so much. They are awfully garish I will find some use for them. And though the pretty pretty colors tempt me every time I go there, I will most likely not be buying more.

Today I took a trip to our local Halloween/Wig/Beauty Supply shop (the aforementioned China Glaze dealer) to see what they had. I'd heard much about it, but never went. By the time I got there, they were soon to close so I had to be quick...and really, I spent an inordinate amount of time in front of the various nail polish displays or I would have had more...but I was pleasantly surprised to find some Kryolan eye shadow tucked away on the top of a random make-up rack.

I only picked up a few colors because they were about $7 each. Of course, I went with my staples: blue, green and black. Eh, go with whatcha know. I'm pretty excited to try these out. I recently ordered two of the Aquacolor palettes from Shrinkle on eBay...the UV and the Metallic...which I am anxiously awaiting. I have heard enough great things about this product to be antsy as hell. Not to mention I also have a Heavenly Naturals and a (GIANT) Coastal Scents order coming too...Ah and I are NOT friends.

I am seriously procrastinating here...I should be getting some pants on so I can go play some Munchkin, but I have a few other things to address. I know I have talked about this like a river for the past few weeks, but I am currently on the path to getting Bariatric Surgery. I am hoping to use this little blog of mine to track my progress...from a hot fat bitch, to a hot skinny bitch...with pictures and musings and whatnots. So...there's that. Just as a side note...all this make-up buying is mostly because it's something I can still use AFTER. I am not a crazy clothes shopper by any means...I mean, if you call going into Old Navy and looking around their clearance racks for a new black shirt crazy then, well, I suppose I am...but I have forbidden myself to get ANYTHING until I've lost all the weight I need to. And, much like that dreaded red button, of course that's all I want to do. I look in my closet every day and hate everything...and somehow, I end up in the clothing sections of all these's such crap! /endrant

And just to end on a happy orange note...a look I did using my most talked about product ever: Glittersniffer Eyeshadow. The lid color is called Marlene and the crease color is called Pink Stillettos. Seriously, if you love pigment eye shadow, go check her out. She rocks my world.

The end!


Gothcupcake said...

Thanks for the shout out girly! I LOVE the teal china glaze polish, I'll have to find me some ^_^ Yay for Elder God finger nails!