Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some housekeeping notes...

So, I hate to be elitist like this, especially since this is a fairly small blog, but I had to change the settings to allow only followers to comment. I'm tired of the spam. Nothing is worse than looking at my dashboard and seeing that there are comments there, getting all excited, and then realizing it's an ad for penis enlarger. Nothing. Not even dead puppies. (Ok, maybe dead puppies but you get the idea.) Anyhow, let me know if any of the changes cause any problems with regular commenting. You can send an email to

And now for some good news. Seeing as everyone else is doing Concertina Shop giveaways...I thought I would like to do one myself, however, I need a proper reason. As of today, I have 41 followers on this blog. If I make it to 50, I will do my own giveaway! There will be some goodies from The Concertina Shop, and since this blog is mostly about makeup and nail polish, I am going to cook up something in that vein as well. So get started pimping me out kids!