Saturday, May 23, 2009's a day late...

...but whatever. I was busy blowing up Twitter yesterday for TNT. (No sales, 1 heart and only 48 pageviews...I R Sad.)

So as are my pictures from the last week and a half...minus my full body brother still needs to send it to me.

The e.l.f. Custom Eyes compacts...they only come in this size (that I could find) but hey, what the hell do you want for a dollar? They are magnetic so you can switch up different colors for travel and whatnot. I *think*, though I am not sure...that they are the standard eyeshadow perhaps the M.A.C ones would fit in there too?? (Feel free to confirm or deny this in the comments section.)

These are the shadows I got to go into the palettes. From left to right, top to bottom they are:
Periwinkle - More gray than blue...but absolutely gorgeous.
Dusk - A VERY nice black with a tiny bit of sparkle.
Mocha - A brown that is peachy/golden.
Pink Ice - Love this color too.
Golden Glow - Totally <3.

These next two pictures are of a look I did with some of my new NYX eyeshadow. I used my Mehron Tropical palette as a base, then put NYX's Lime Juice on top and used some Kryolan black in the crease.

Next up is one of the two necklaces I ordered from Heart Sized Crush on Etsy. Not only were they fabulously made...but they are so cool looking. She's got tons of styles, but if you especially enjoy old school tattoo designs, I totally recommend checking her out. I'll have pictures of the second necklace later (it's a super rad glow in the dark skull).

And last but not least...the pair of earrings I got from Nicole Linder, also on Etsy. Most of you are aware of my fascination with all things from the you can appreciate how I couldn't say no to these! Just look at their beady little eyes!!! So cute!

So that's all I have for today. I have another bunch of pictures to post...'cos I'm too lazy to pull them off my camera tonight. They include *shock and amazement* a very toned down neutral look, to prove that I don't ONLY wear crazy nasty eye color...and a WIP amigurumi sheep.

The end.