Monday, April 27, 2009

Yay the Quickness

I don't have much to talk's hot...and as such I am quite unmotivated to live at the moment. Thank god my brother in law and father are coming tomorrow with my air conditioner. Why the hell is it 90 degrees in NY in April...just why??

On a more frivolous's day two of my China Glaze Basecoat/Topcoat experiment. Not one chip...unless it's from being stupid...i.e. - scraping my nails on my bathroom window to try to get it open...the plus side of that mishap? I fixed it like I normally would...with just a drop of polish and a little topcoat...and it blended right into the nail. You can't even tell there was ever a chip.

I also went on the hunt for some Rimmell today. It's cheap...but generally ok quality. I used to wear it a lot when I was poor. I was dissapointed in the variety of stuff they had...the only thing that was remotely interesting was their Eyeful Eye Glistner. I picked it up in Straight Laced even though it was rather on the expensive (for me) side. If I like it I will get the other colors though. I also grabbed a nude lipstick...because...most of the time I just wear I don't think I need to spend a shit-load of money on good lipstick. It's just not necessary.

That's all really, I think I'm going to Pokemon or something...the kids at work are all kicking my ass at this point. John's (my third key) Pokemon are like level 40 already...I JUST beat the second gym...which was a bitch and a half...and I can't even get past the next part. All my guys are like level 20 and below. So least I have a Gyrados. That's right. I raised that shit from a level five Magikarp! #nerdpower

The end.