Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pretty Pecock and Handmade Present Time!

Hello my little blogletts! This is going to be a pretty big post. I have a few things stored up that I want to talk about. This post is about a week overdue...I know this...but a lot has been going on this week. I started reading The Hunger fat ass cat broke one of the keys on my laptop and I had to go get an entirely new computer...I discovered Tiny Tower. All things that have kept me from you, and I apologize. But seriously dudes...Tiny Tower. Do it.

So first is one of my latest nail art designs.
I used, in order: 
China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat (as always)
Wet n Wild Craze in Morbid
Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Caribbean Frost (stripes)
China Glaze in 2030 with Bundle Monster plate BM-212
Jesse's Girl High Intensity Nail Color in Mermaid's Lagoon (dots)
Seche Vite

 In this picture, you can't really see the stripes...but it gave it this really awesome depth of color effect.

This next picture is of a present from my friend Gina. She is an amazing knitter and we often spend time debating which of our crafts is better. I tell her how I just don't get knitting and she tells me how she just can't get crochet. All this whilst wandering around the Sheep and Wool festival that is thrown every fall in our area. She made this cool hat with a little pocket on the side!

Next up is the custom Kindle case I ordered from my friend Cheri. I had purchased a case from Best Buy when I got the Kindle...but I hate those little elastic bands that hold it in. I just wanted something to keep it from getting banged around in my purse and Cheri makes the most awesome padded cases. I just told her I wanted skulls, skulls and more skulls. She delivered.

You can find more of her stuff at StellarCheri.

This next "present to myself" is made by my friend Destry. She hand paints all of her jewelry, of which I own a TON, and her talent has spilled onto these awesome jewelry boxes. It has tons of little drawers...which I LOVE. I suspect that's because my sister had a giant jewelry box that had like 40 tiny drawers in it when we were kids and I would sneak into her room and open them looking for treasure. I can't tell you how many spankings I got for taking her stuff...too many. Ahh, memories.

More of Destry's awesome jewelry and hand painted awesomeness can be found at Pet Zombie Creations.

And that is all I have for you for now! Stay tuned...I have some guest nail stamping manicures (read: I kidnapped my sisters and made them let me paint their nails!!).



Pili said...

Oh my goodness! I want to kidnap you so you can do my nails!!

And I love that case, Cheri is all kinds of awesome! And so is Destry! I have one of her damask boxes that is brilliant!