Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hellooooooo! or Random Looks

Hello kids! I've been collecting pictures for a bit and I thought I'd post some while I had a few minutes. Today is my niece's birthday (yes we call her Yankee Doodle) and I'm waiting for my sister to come and pick me up for the festivities.

This first look is something I wore out a few weeks ago before my surgery, hence the rocker hair. I wish I had gotten a better picture of the style because, while it wasn't my best attempt, I was proud of it nonetheless.

The gold is Goldilux, silver is Tiara and the black is Bulletproof...all Sugarpill. This is sort of a copy of Xsparkage's Fierce Friday look Black & Gold Glamor. If you have never checked her out, please do. She is one of the first gurus I watched on Youtube and she has taught me an amazing amount.

More gratuitous vanity:

This second look is what I am wearing today. While I was at my brother's house recovering, I did a fair bit of hauling. I also took advantage of the Cherry Culture 30% off sale and grabbed me a bunch of new NYX single eyeshadows.

Look at how happy I am. Notice the lovely mottle my skin has...aren't you envious?
Anyhow...this is Azur Sky and Blue Marine along with some Sugarpill Bulletproof and Tako. It is a bit dramatic for a 9 year old's birthday party...but what the hell. My family thinks I'm nuts...might as well perpetuate it.

So I promise to have some more posts dealing with the nifty stuff I got whilst I was away. The mall near my brother's house had a HUGE Sephora...and as I don't have one near me...I splurged. I also got my sister-in-law to get a bunch of stuff and we had a little lesson on how to apply it all. It was quite a bit of fun. But for now...

The End!


Pili said...

Absolutely awesome looks!
Damn, I should really work on working more on my eye make up when I go out!

Adelaide said...

Love love love the looks.

smarmy said...

Please come be my personal makeup artist.

Lillian Funny Face said...

Beautiful! I love the second one, the blue is so intense!

Miss Krimson said...

you are great at these looks! nice job!
New follower here! Hope you can check out my blog and return the favour!

Concertina said...

As always, many thanks to my favorite ladies!


Tiffany said...

Beautiful looks! I kinda wanna dupe the blue one :D

Concertina said...

Thanks Tiffany! Please let me know if you do! I'd love to see pictures!