Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quickie Manicure - Glitter at Tiffanys

Here's a nice quickie manicure for you. I've been rolling this idea around my head for about a week now. The base is China Glaze's For Audrey and the glitter is Sinful's All About You.

For Audrey is such a pretty Tiffany blue color...and while it looks fabulous on it's own...I've always wanted to pair it with something cool but couldn't decide what. While I was in Vegas, I picked up All About You at their VASTLY superior Walgreens (along with a ton of other polishes...). Right from the get I knew that this was THE thing for my plain For Audrey manicure. I attempted to do a nice fade...but as this was my first try at anything such...I'm sure there is much room for improvement. Please excuse the polish on the sides of my nails...I don't usually bother to clean up because 1) it comes off in the shower with minimal effort on my part and 2) invariably, I fuck up the polish on my nails whenever I try get remover anywhere NEAR enough to clean it up.

Enjoy! As always, I love to hear comments and suggestions! Give me some good ideas to write about!!

The End!